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Our partners in the field of process engineering systems and financing solutions for customers

Our partner in the field of process engineering systems

Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH

Through this cooperation agreement, synergies are raised, in particular by including the services of Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH such as the preparation of prefeasibility studies or feasibility studies, preliminary projects, system and plant concepts and process comparisons in the overall process.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of licensing know-how in the field of energy technology as well as the licensing of the following technology rights(*) owned by Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH:

  • WO99 / 55803 (Waste to Energy process for generating electricity, water and/or hydrogen and/or methanol from biomass and/or organic waste)
  • DE 200 14109 U1 (facility for the treatment and disposal of garbage, especially hospital garbage)
  • DE 200 14 110 U1 (Annex for the disposal of waste)
  • AT003952 U2 (WTE process for energetic recovery of biologically/organically synthetic liquid and solid waste)
  • AT003951 U2 (SVK process for the sterile energetic recovery of clinical waste)
(*) The titles of the technolgy rights are translations from the official German titles

Our partner in the area of financing solutions for customers

Rosinger RMS GmbH

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Through this cooperation agreement, our customers can use the services of Rosinger RMS GmbH in the following areas of consulting:

  • Structuring and arranging financing (e.g. systems and components that are ordered from us, project financing, etc.)
  • Stock exchange listings on the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Consulting regarding growth and/or internationalization topics