We share the vision of a European societyv that will live and work CO2-neutrallyas early as 2040



We share the vision of a European society that will live and work CO2-neutrally as early as 2040. At the same time we are committed to a life of prosperity, security and comfort.

What seems like an apparent contradiction can be solved by using advanced industrial technology.

As one hundred percent owner of the two group subsidiaries KMWP and KW Energetik, we are already making a significant contribution to the above-mentioned vision for the year 2040, because the products of our group subsidiaries are increasingly being used in biomass power plants and in energy generation from biogenic waste.

This includes forestry and agricultural waste such as wood scraps, wood chips, sunflower husks or straw. These fuels are considered to be CO2-neutral, are sourced regionally and through closed cycles they also solve the disposal problem up to the almost complete zero waste concept.